Co-op Why Join?

The Learning and Families Co-Op offers some of the benefits of school without the school!

Junior Co-op

Classes and community above and beyond!

Junior Co-Op offers

  • A structured environment with learning flexibility
  • Facilitator-run classes 
  • Classes that follow a curriculum and include hands-on projects
  • 100% parent participation
  • An online support community
  • Family small group that includes field trips
  • Park days
  • Holiday events
  • A kindergarten graduation
  • School pictures and yearbook
  • Guidance counselor services and evaluator referrals
Middle & High School Co-op

All the benefits of school without school! “It’s school…but it’s not!”

Middle and High School Co-Op offers

  • A wide range of a la cart middle and high school weekly classes, core subjects plus electives
  • Superior social experience
  • Middle and High School Small Groups
  • Prom
  • Dances and other social activities
  • Yearbook
  • 100% parent volunteerism
  • Leadership opportunities
  • A mentorship spirit
  • College-prep classroom opportunities
  • High School graduation
  • Guidance counselor services and evaluator referrals
Performing Arts

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