Co-Op Classes
"It's school...but it's not!"

What is LAF CO-Op?

As a participant in the Learning and Families Support Community, you are invited to enroll in our Co-Op, which offers classes for pre-k through 12th-grade homeschool students. We meet weekly in Sarasota on Bee Ridge Rd., east of Route I-75.
Junior Co-op is for pre-K through 5th-grade students and meets on Tuesdays from 8:45am — 12:30om. This program is intended for elementary-aged kids and their younger siblings. Although each class has a set, paid facilitator  for the year, the Junior Co-Op requires on-site parent participation throughout the Co-Op day. To learn more about the 2021/2022 Junior Co-Op program, click here .
Middle and High School Co-Ops meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although students are permitted to attend without a parent chaperone, onsite parent volunteerism is required. Middle and High School classes are a la cart, and the offerings change from year to year. For a complete list of Middle School Classes for the 2021/2022 year, click here . For a complete list of High School Classes for the 2021/2022 year, click here. All Middle and High School classes are led by a paid facilitator .

What to Expect

It all starts at Orientation!

Junior co-op and middle/high school will each have their own orientation. This orientation is mandatory for at least one parent to prepare for the coming school year. LAF leadership will make all families aware of the date well in advance. 

At this orientation, parents will receive their volunteer training as well as be able to meet the LAF leadership team and the class Junior Co-Op Facilitators and Middle/High School Facilitators.

2021/2022 Junior Co-Op orientation August 31, 2021

2021/2022 Middle and High School Orientation August 10, 2021

What We Believe

It’s important to know that while Learning and Families welcomes all families, we teach from a Young-Earth-Creationist perspective. To view our Statement of Faith, click on the link below.

What to Expect on a Junior Co-op Day

Nursery through 5th grade students attend junior co-op, which meets Tuesdays, 8:45-12:30.

When students arrive at 8:45 am, each family sits together in the gym for morning announcements. After morning announcements and prayer, students are released to their first class, one class at a time. Parents walk younger siblings directly to their nursery class before going to their volunteer position. Pre-K through 5th-grade students are escorted to class by their respective pod parents.

Each class is organized by grade. Within the class, there are smaller groups called pods. Each pod of four to five students has a specific pod parent responsible for helping them, managing behavior, and escorting them to bathroom breaks. Pod parents are responsible for their individual pod but also work together to take care of the entire class. Between each class in the k-5 program, students have a short snack/play break. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes have snack time in the classroom.

At 12:30, when Co-Op is finished for the day, parents pick up their students from their classrooms. We do offer the opportunity for families to purchase pizza for lunch if they would like, and families are welcome to join others at Rothenbach Park (on the east end of Bee Ridge Rd) every Tuesday immediately following co-op if they wish.

New Kindergarten Opportunity

In the 2021/2022 school year, we are very excited to introduce a new self-contained kindergarten class as an option for parents of four to six-year-olds. Parents of students in this age range can choose the Pre-K class, which focuses on basic learning skills such as color, shape, letter, and number recognition, character building and social skills, as well as hands-on, interactive activities indoors and outdoors throughout the day.

Parents can also choose the choose the new self-contained Kindergarten class. This class will help prepare students for a more focused and formal learning environment. These students will do many of the hands-on science experiments that students in the K – 5 program are also doing, but will spend more time focusing on both academic and social skill-building to help prepare students for the more focused and less directed learning environment.

Lastly, parents of five and six-year-olds can choose the full three-class Junior Co-Op program. In this program, kindergarten through 5th-grade students rotate through three classes. Kindergarten through 3rd grade attends world geography, science (astronomy), and art. Fourth and fifth grades attend literature, science (astronomy), and art.


What to Expect on a Middle/High School Day

Middle and High School classes are a la carte, so your family chooses what your student’s day will look like. If your student has a free period between classes, the gym has tables set up for school work and quiet socializing. There is also a quiet Study Hall during some of the classes.

Your student can bring lunch or order pizza on site. Pizza will be delivered at 12:30. Families may order whole pizzas and can find someone to split with if they’d like! There are also concessions in the gym.

Register now for 2021/2022 LAF Co-Op

Click here  to register for the 2021/2022 LAF Co-Op. The LAF Co-Op is in high demand, but don’t hesitate to add your student to the waiting list if a class or program is full. Spaces do tend to open over the summer and at the start of the year. You will not be charged for a class or Junior Co-Op program until your child gets a seat and you approve it.

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