What is LAF

Learning and Families (LAF) is a Christ-centered community with a long history of supporting homeschool families in the Manasota region. Established in August, 1986, LAF began as a group of ten families in the Sarasota area committed to encouragement, educational opportunity, and unity in home educating their children. These founding families, along with others throughout the state of Florida, have paved the way for the rich home education culture and community that we enjoy today.

The families of LAF are as diverse as their home education philosophies. Some adhere to strict curriculum plans; others follow a more relaxed approach, and some even use satellite school programs, virtual schools, and dual enrollment opportunities. Our organization includes families with children of all ages from birth through high school. Some are new to homeschooling and others are veterans, but all are participants who enroll yearly to receive support, encouragement, fellowship, and enriching opportunities for their families. 

Our slogan at LAF is “Homeschooling: Don’t go it alone!” And our primary goal is to provide the unique support that your family needs.

We do that in two primary ways:

  1. Through our Support Community
  2. Through Weekly Co-Op Classes
Our Co-Op offers:
  1. Junior Classes (for Pre-K through 5th grade and their younger siblings)
  2. Middle School Classes
  3. High School Classes
  4. Theatre Troupe (for 7th through 12th graders)
  5. Junior Theatre Troupe (ages 6-11)
  6. Junior Jazz Dance (K – 5th grade)
  7. Junior and Middle School Physical Education

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