Learning and Families offers clubs that can either be student-led or adult led. These are opportunities for our community to share their interests and passions with other LAF homeschool families. Clubs are intended to enrich the homeschool experience. These are open to anyone enrolled in the LAF Support Community. Families do not have to be registered with the LAF Co-op to join a club.

Club Leader: Heather Johnson
Thursdays, 1:00-2:50
Room (Upstairs)
Club Description:
Gameschoolers is an LAF board game club for students in 4th grade and up. We welcome students who have no experience whatsoever to those who are very familiar and just want to play games with other students. We hope to encourage a love for board gaming, and give the students some fun and funny memories spending time in a social setting. 

Club Fee:

$25  per student
Bible Bowl
Club Leader: Brandi Winter
Thursdays, 1:00-2:15
Room (Upstairs)
Open to students 3rd grade and up. Everyone will start out together, and then break up into age appropriate groups.
Club Description:
Bible Bowl is a quizzing game played in a Jeopardy-style format over a selected segment of the Bible.  Students compete in teams of up to 4 players.  We will have weekly practices in which we will study that month’s block of text.  Competitions will be held one Saturday per month in which we will compete against other teams.  Students will have a small booklet in which they will use to study in between practices.  Practices are a lot of fun and it gives the kids an opportunity to not only learn a large amount of scripture, but work on team building skills.  We will be using fun, creative ways to help your students enjoy studying the Word of God! 

Club Fee:

$20  per student
Club Leader: Student Led (Second Semester)
Club Leader: Lucy Chang
Thursdays, 1:00-2:50
Room TBA
Club Description:
Yearbook is a second semester club, available to middle and high schoolers. Students will work with Entourage software to design and layout the 2023/24 LAF Yearbook. 

Club Fee:

$25  per student (includes a yearbook)
Nerf Club
Club Leader: Student Led (Second Semester)
Club Leader: Matty Jay Stahlmann
Tuesdays, 1:00-2:15
Room C206
Club Description:

Nerf blasters are a staple of toy collections worldwide, and collecting and playing with Nerf blasters is one of the most fun hobbies a person can have. Still, one of the most complex parts of this hobby is learning about it and finding people to play with, this club allows students who enjoy Nerf to learn, theorize, play, and have fun with Nerf blasters. There will be a classroom component (about 20 minutes) and then target practice to implement new skills.

Club Plan:

Jan 9: Introduction to Nerf

Jan 16: Technical Deep Dive

Jan 23: Safety

Jan 30: Month Summary and Brainstorming

Feb 6: Other Brands

Feb 13: An Overview of Different Lines of Nerf 

Feb 20: Game Types

Feb 27: Month Summary and Brainstorming

Mar 5: Modding and Custom Blasters

Mar 12: Other Types of Blasters and Rounds

Mar 19: Unique Tech in Nerf

Mar 26: Month Summary and Brainstorming

Apr 2: Targets and Ways to Practice 

Apr 9: How to Store Nerf Blasters and Ammo

Apr 16: Nerf Youtubers and How to Research Nerf

Apr 23: How to Buy Nerf Blasters

Apr 30: How to Develop Your Muscle Memory and Instincts

May 7: Year Summary and Brainstorming

Nerf Wars:

At the end of each month is a privately hosted Nerf war at a local park where the things we learned that month are implemented (potluck dishes to share). At the end of the year, we have our final Nerf war, where we’ll play a couple of different games and show off our skills.


Everyone must bring a Nerf blaster (It doesn’t matter which one as long as it works). They must also bring at least 25 darts to class each week and 100 darts to each Nerf war. 


Club Fee:

$15  per student 

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