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Homeschooling: Don't Go It Alone!

What is the LAF Support Community?

Learning and families is a Christ-centered community with a long history of supporting homeschool families in the Manasota region.
Established with just ten families in 1986, the community has grown into a non-profit organization serving more than 250 families who are as diverse as their homeschool philosophies. Some adhere to strict curriculum plans; others follow a more relaxed approach, and some even use satellite school programs, virtual schools, and dual enrollment opportunities.
LAF includes families with children of all ages from birth through high school. Some are new to homeschooling and others are veterans, but all are participants who enroll yearly to receive support, encouragement, fellowship, and enriching opportunities for their families. 


Our slogan at LAF is “Homeschooling: Don’t go it alone!” And our primary goal is to provide the unique support that your family needs. 

Mission Statement

Learning and Families exists solely to serve new and veteran home education families in the Manasota region in accordance with a decidedly Christian bias. LAF fulfills that mission through

  • christ-centered opportunities for long-term fellowship and academic enrichment

  • mentoring relationships and encouragement

  • resources and information to aid home education and support the legal right to homeschool

LAF currently supports its purpose through 

Admissions Process

To ensure that LAF is the right group to meet your family’s needs, we ask that you first complete an Admissions Application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you if we have any questions. When your application is approved, you will receive a link by email to register.
Click here to learn more about our application and the heart behind the questions.
Check back on 4/15 to fill out the 2024/25 LAF Admissions Application.

Enrollment Cost

To be a part of the LAF Support Community, your family pays an annual fee of $90 in the spring semester for the upcoming school year. That enrollment fee entitles you to participate in any of the LAF events, groups, activities, and offerings and allows you to register for the Co-op, space permitting. After September 1, 2024, the price for Support Community enrollment is $100.
Your LAF enrollment expires on May 31st of each year. If you enroll in the spring for the upcoming school year, your enrollment will continue through the summer.

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