Every spring, Learning, and Families offers a high school prom for any high-school-age homeschooler in the community and their guests (ages 14 – 20).

2024 LAF Prom

The Roaring 20’s

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time: 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Location: Palm Aire Country Club, 5601 Country Club Way, Sarasota, FL 34243

Homeschoolers and their guests are invited to the 2024 LAF Prom: Roaring 20’s! This will be a fun and exciting evening full of food, friends, music, dancing, and many great memories. Walking in the door, you will be transported to the 1920’s, into the time of budding urban culture. With Art Deco inspiration and glamor in abundance,  come looking like you’re ready to do the Charleston with the Great Gatsby himself. Dapper gents and flapper ladies, bring your best dance moves and help make this year’s prom the cat’s pajamas!

Before purchasing tickets, read all information carefully. Please be aware that failure to adhere to our guidelines will result in forfeiting your ticket without a refund. Once you click the link below, you must complete all fields on the registration form and submit payment to secure your tickets.

Cost and Registration

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

See cost schedule below for the most current ticket price.

Tickets must be purchased by a homeschooled student. See Attendance Requirements below for details.

Type of Student

LAF Students 

Providence Students 

All Others

Registration Date

Beginning 1/22/24

Beginning 2/6/24

Beginning 2/12/24


$65 ($75 from 2/5 – 3/15; $85 after 3/15)

$75 ($85 after 3/15)

$75 ($85 after 3/15)

Attendance Requirements

The LAF Prom is open to HOMESCHOOLED high school students and their guests. The prom is open to homeschoolers enrolled in the LAF Support Community as well as homeschoolers not enrolled in LAF. All attendees must be between the ages of 14 and 20. Guests do not have to be homeschoolers. Guest tickets must be purchased by a homeschooled student who is currently in the 9th to 12th grade AND at least 14-years-old. Middle school students taking high school classes are not eligible to attend the LAF Prom.

Music Selection

All music will be pre-selected by the LAF prom committee and approved by members of the Board of Directors. Learning and Families will do its best to ensure that music choices are clean and appropriate. There will be secular music played throughout the night. Occasionally, the vendor hired to play music makes a mistake and plays something unapproved, beyond our control, though we make every effort to prevent that from happening. We ask that parents prayerfully consider whether this event suits each family’s unique preferences and convictions. Purchasing a ticket to this event implies that families trust LAF’s choices and judgment of music selection.

Prom Code of Conduct

No alcohol will be served on site. All dancing will be done in good taste and to pre-approved music. Hand holding and co-ed dancing is permitted, however, excessively close dancing is prohibited. No other forms of public displays of affection are permitted. If any inappropriate behavior or dancing is observed, one warning will be given. If a second offense occurs, the students conducting the offense will be asked to leave and parents called. No ticket refunds will be given.  Prom chaperones reserve the right to determine what is or is not appropriate. Attendees may not leave and re-enter.



No cleavage showing. Strapless dresses are acceptable, but no plunging necklines. Backless dresses to the waist are acceptable, as long as sides are covered. Dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee, and no midriffs can be shown. No mesh allowed that reveals any areas we have required to be concealed (e.g. cleavage, midriff, sides, etc.). Anyone who arrives with non-approved wardrobe choices will be given the option to either wait for a parent to bring an approved outfit before they can enter the event or to leave.  No tickets refunds will be given.  Prom chaperones reserve the right to determine what is or is not appropriate. 


Must wear a tuxedo or suit (jacket, tie, and dress pants). Shoes do not have to be dress shoes but must be closed-toe. Jeans are not permitted. Gentlemen may remove their jacket and tie during the event, but they may not unbutton their shirt to show their chest or remove their shirt during the event.

2024 Prom Registration

2024 LAF Prom is SOLD OUT!

To be added to the Waiting List, please email with the student’s name, mobile phone number, and email address.

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