Every spring, Learning, and Families offers a high school prom for any high-school-age homeschooler in the community.

Attendance Requirements

The LAF Prom is open to high-school-age students and their guests. Middle school students taking high school classes are not eligible to attend the LAF Prom. The prom is open to homeschoolers registered with the LAF support group as well as homeschoolers not registered with LAF.

Music Selection

All music will be pre-selected by the prom committee. Once the committee has finalized the list of music, it will be posted in LAF social media groups for parents to view so they can make an informed decision about whether prom fits each individual family’s preferences and standards. Please note, only songs with clean versions will be allowed at prom.

Code of Conduct

No alcohol will be served on site. All dancing will be done in good taste and to pre-approved music. Hand holding and co-ed dancing is permitted, however, excessively close dancing is prohibited. No other forms of public displays of affection are permitted. If any inappropriate behavior or dancing is observed, one warning will be given. If a second offense occurs, the students conducting the offense will be asked to leave and parents called. No refund of your ticket will be given. 


Ladies: No cleavage, strapless dresses are fine, but no plunging necklines. Backless dresses to the waist are fine as long as your sides are covered. No more than 3 inches above the knee and no mesh or midriffs showing. 

Gentlemen: Must wear a tuxedo or suit, Jacket, tie and dress pants. Shoes do not have to be dress shoes, but must be closed-toe. Jeans will not be allowed.

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