Step 1 — Log into your Step Up account, and request Pre-Authorization for your student’s Learning and Families classes.

Step 2 — Before making any payments to Learning and Families, contact the Treasurer to set up a meeting so that payments can allocated correctly.

Step 3 — Once payments are made, the Treasurer will give you a receipt. You will submit that receipt through your Step Up account, along with a screenshot of the line item in your bank account, showing that you actually made the payment (no one else made it on your behalf).


Can I set up a payment plan?

If you need to set up a payment plan, email the Treasurer with your request. After you settle on a payment plan, be sure to pay on or before your payment due dates. You will not receive reminders. If a payment is not made by the due date, the payment will be charged to your card on file the day after your due date.

If you need to change a payment due date, you must email the Treasurer at least one week before the payment due date.

You must keep an active payment method on file if you are using a payment plan.

Can we get a refund?

We understand that unexpected, emergency situations can arise that cause us to have to change course. Emergencies aside, we always ask our families to make careful decisions during registration, as every registration affects other families as well as our facilitators and even our contract with the church. We take many factors into account when preparing for the upcoming year, which is one reason we hold registration in the early spring and not after the close of the school year. 

For these reasons (and others), we have a firm payment policy in place that every family signs electronically when they register. That policy states, “You understand and agree to pay the full amount of tuition and lab/supply fees for each class, even if you register late, drop a class, or if your child is removed from the program.” 

From time to time, a family asks for special consideration due to extenuating circumstances. If you feel that your family is facing a unique and unforeseen or emergency situation that has created a significant financial hardship, please email details to our Treasurer. She will bring it to the Board of Directors for a vote, and we will email with you our decision on a waiver of our policy.

Please understand that we are all volunteers, and waiving this policy, apart from a truly extenuating and rare emergency that may create a financial hardship for the organization and it opens a door to a great many drops and changes, which imposes significantly more work for those of us who are already stretched thin. We have thoroughly thought through our policy and created it for this reason. 


How do I drop or switch a shift?

You cannot switch shifts with someone else. If you need drop a shift or make ANY changes, you must message Jody Hagaman privately in the Home Base app, prior to the start of the shift. Once the shift time starts, you cannot make any changes.

Please give at least 48 hours notice for any changes that are not last-minute emergencies.

When will the $300 fee be removed from my account?

Fees are removed after all 12 points for a semester are completed and verified

Fall Semester fees will be removed before the start of the Spring Semester.

Spring Semester fees will be removed no later than May 31st.

I did more than 12 points in the Fall Semester. Can I apply the extra points to the Spring Semester?

We need help all year round, up to the very last day of Co-op. Therefore, we cannot allow any extra points to transfer from the Fall to the Spring semester. We need every family who has not paid the opt-out fee to serve a full 12 points in the Spring Semester. Without full participation, Co-op can not run smoothly.


I did almost all 12 points in the Fall. Can I just do extra points in the Spring to make up the difference?

We need full participation in BOTH semesters. We designed this program carefully to ensure that all of the work it takes to run Co-op is covered in both semesters. Therefore, you cannot do extra points in the Spring to make up for missed points in the Fall.

I can’t work shifts during Co-op hours. Is there another way I can fulfill my Cooperative Requirement Points?

We have many opportunities for families to earn Cooperative Requirement Points. Contact Jody Hagaman to discuss opportunities outside of Co-op hours.

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