Cooperative Requirements

We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of the LAF Co-op. In order to run our Co-op efficiently and serve the needs of all our families, we need everyone to serve cooperatively.

The LAF Co-op Cooperative Requirement is based on a point system. Each family is required to serve a minimum of  24 points per school year or pay the opt-out fee (see below).

If you are the parent of a Junior Co-op student, you are already required to remain on campus for the duration of the Co-op day. That will fulfill your cooperative requirement. No additional points are needed for any family with Junior Co-op registration. 

In addition, facilitators, classroom assistants, and members of the Board of Directors also automatically fulfill their requirements by serving in those roles.

Anytime you agree to fulfill a cooperative  job and cannot make it for any reason, you are required to find a substitute who will fulfill your duties. The Co-op cannot run if our families do not follow through on their commitments.

How It Works

On August 1st, a $500 fee will be added to the accounts of families registered in the LAF Middle and High School Co-op (except those who are exempt as explained above). After you have fulfilled your service points, the $500 fee will be removed from your account. 

It is vital that once you sign up for a cooperative slot, you fulfill it or find your own replacement. Please note that you have the ability to go into SignUp Genius and edit your sign-ups (up to 24 hours prior to the shift) if needed. For each non-fulfilled time slot that you signed up for and for which you did not find a replacement, your account will be charged $50. You will not be able to remove that fee without paying it. In other words, you won’t be able to resolve the fee by working another shift; it will have to be paid. Arriving late for a shift is equivalent to missing a shift. Please plan to arrive early so that you can be fully ready to start your shift when the time comes.

Each family has the option to pay $500 at the beginning of the school year to “buy out” their Cooperative Requirements. However, this $500 must be paid by September 1st. 

If you do not complete your 12 cooperative requirement points by the end of each semester, your account will be charged a $300 fee, which will not be removed, and we will push the payment through to the card on file. Please note that you are not permitted to fulfill all 24 points in one semester. Points must be divided into 12 points per semester. 

You will receive an update of points served at the end of the first semester, mid-second semester, and at the end of the school year. We ask that each family also track their points served (dates and jobs), so that we can compare if there is a discrepancy. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email

How to Sign Up For Cooperative Duties

On August 1, all families registered for Middle and High School Co-op will receive a link to three Sign Up Genius lists. The first lists jobs that need to be completed at Co-op during the Co-op day. The second list is for opportunities to help with special events, and the third list is for families interested in coordinating small group activities and/or fundraisers. In the email containing these links, we will have detailed descriptions of each duty to help you choose the best opportunities for your family.

Tracking Points

For tasks that need to be done during the Co-op day, report to the Support Table in the gym when you arrive on campus. There will be a clipboard with that day’s Cooperative Duties. Initial next to your name to sign in.

When your task is complete, report to a Board Member at the Support Table and have them initial next to your slot to confirm the task was completed.

Be sure to keep track of your own points by keeping a careful record of the following:

  • Date you worked
  • Task that you completed

Three times a year, you will receive an update from LAF leadership. Check their point tally with your own records to make sure nothing was missed.

Please note that if you do not sign in and out, your shift will not count toward your Cooperative Requirement.

What happens if you miss a shift?

Many hands make light work! We need every family’s full participation to make this program work. If you have to miss a shift that you are signed up for, you must find a replacement for yourself or release your shift by unclicking your name in Sign Up Genius up to 24 hours before the start of your shift. Please do not contact LAF leadership to ask them to find you a replacement or ask them to remove your name from SignUp Genius. We are all volunteers at LAF, and the leadership team is already hard at work behind the scenes. 

If you have a last-minute emergency, the LAF Board of Directors will review the circumstance and determine if the $50 fee should be waived. Barring an emergency, a missed shift with no replacement will result in a $50 charge. Please remember that arriving late for a shift is equivalent to missing a shift. If you must be late, be sure to contact a Board member immediately so we can try to work it out.

What if you Have a Hardship That Prevents Your Participation

We understand that there are extenuating circumstances that could prevent a family from being able to fulfill Cooperative Requirements. At LAF, we treat every case carefully and prayerfully. If you have a genuine hardship or truly unique situation that would prevent you from fulling your Cooperative Requirement, please send a letter of hardship explaining the situation to

We will treat every request with the strictest confidence, and we will do our best to work with your family to either help you fulfill the requirement in an alternative way or to waive it all together.


Click on the links below to sign up for Cooperative Requirement positions:

  1. Middle and High School Co-op Job Descriptions: These are roles that need to be filled during regular Co-op hours
  2. Special Events Job Descriptions: These are jobs that need to be done at our special events
  3. Co-Coordinator Job Descriptions: These are opportunities to help coordinate small group activities and/or fundraisers

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