Field Trips

LAF offers a variety of field trips throughout the year, including our annual Sea World trip, plus at least one more major trip for the entire Support Community and a host of smaller trips within our small groups.

Check back throughout 2022/23 for more information on the exciting trips we are offering.

Sea World

Each year in February, LAF hosts a large field trip to Sea World at a deeply discounted rate. In 2022, we had more than 200 people attend this trip! Our date for 2023 is already chosen (see below). Check back in the fall semester for more details on how to participate in this trip.

Date: Friday, February 3, 2023

Field Trip Policies
  • All families and everyone accompanying a family must abide by the LAF Code of Conduct on all LAF field trips.

  • Good manners and citizenship are expected on LAF field trips, which may include thanking venue/facility staff at the conclusion of a trip and participating in a group thank you card to the field trip venue/facility.

  • In the event that the Code of Conduct is violated during an LAF field trip, the standard LAF Disciplinary Procedure will be followed.

  • LAF field trips are reserved for current active families in the support community in good standing and any friends or family that accompany them, unless otherwise specified.

  • Parent/chaperone attending trips assumes all responsibility for the child(ren) in their care.

  • Any family who desires to coordinate an LAF field trip must obtain approval from the President or Vice President

T-Shirt Policy

LAF official t-shirts are available for purchase by any LAF family, as well as friends and family of LAF. 

  • LAF T-shirts are recommended for small group field trips

  • LAF T-shirts are mandatory for all major field trips

When a person is wearing an LAF t-shirt, they are representing LAF and must abide by the LAF Code of Conduct.

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