Student Clubs
Technology Club
Student Leader: Levi Pompa
*Middle and High Schoolers
Every Other Thursday, 1:00
Room C105

Club Description:

This club is for students who are interested in the technology field. We will be taking apart and rebuilding machines. Looking at every part inside and learning about how they operate. 

Club Fee:
$10  per student
About the Club Leader:

Levi Pompa is a student looking to educate people about technology.

Email Alaina Pompa (Parent Advisor)
Cubing Club
Student Leader: Tate Bryant
*Ages 10 and up
Every Other Tuesday, 1:00
Room C105

Club Description:


The Cubing Club is open to students ages 10 and up, and will meet every other week, starting August 23. They will learn basic algorithms, how to care for and lube a cube, and how to use a stackmat timer for speed drills. Club members will be supplied with both a 3×3 and 2×2 cube to learn on and keep. 



Club Fee:
$10  per student
About the Club Leader:


Tate Bryant is in 7th grade and has been homeschooled his whole life. He has been enrolled in LAF Co-op since kindergarten. He is a self proclaimed nerd, and enjoys all things gaming, computers, and cubes! He is excited to start a Cubing Club at LAF, and hopes to inspire others to cube as well.

Email Madeline Bryant (Parent Advisor)
Minecraft Club
Student Leader: Matty Jay Stahlmann
*Ages 8 – 14
Every Other Tuesday, 1:00
Room C105

Club Description:

The overall goal of the club is to work together to improve each other’s skills at Minecraft, including the following:

  • Exploration
  • Building
  • Combat
  • Machinery

Weekly breakdown of club meetings (final week is a club party)

  1. Exploration
    1. How to identify biomes
    2. Transporting yourself across known biomes
    3. How to forage for resources most efficiently
    4. How to survive the night in the beginning game
  2. Building
    1. A good starting house
    2. The best blocks and how to find them
    3. Putting detail into builds
    4. Big building and town building
  3. Combat
    1. Combat resourcefulness
    2. Combat techniques
    3. Player vs. player
    4. Player vs. mob
  4. Machinery
    1. Redstone (2 weeks)
    2. Moding (2 weeks)


Club Fee:
$10  per student
Wifi capable Laptop with Minecraft Launcher installed
(Please test Minecraft installation before the first meeting)
*Disclaimer: students will need to be allowed to install mods on their laptop during club time

About the Club Leader:

Matty Jay Stahlmann is the 6th of 7th kids in the Stahlmann family. He is a 5th grader who loves gaming, learning, and playing chess. Matty is active in a local scouting program, loves the idea of space exploration, and plans to never stop learning and growing.


Email Jenni Stahlmann (Parent Advisor)