Bearing Each Other's Burdens

LAF is a community that is eager and willing to bear each other’s burdens. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, we have compiled a list of needs, as well as things that are available to those who need them.

In the short run, as LAF families navigate through the rebuilding process, we will update this list once a day, so check back often.

If you have a need that you would like to be added to the list or if you want to offer a specific kind of help, please email Jenni Stahlmann at or call or text at (941) 961-4114.

Donations for Ian Relief can be made payable to Learning and Families, Inc. and mailed to the address below. You can also send gift cards of any kind, and we will distribute them to families in need.

Learning and Families

5317 Fruitville Rd.

PMB 157 

Sarasota, FL 34232    

General Needs

Cash Assistance

Cash assistance is always tremendously helpful. If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact Allison Flagg at (941) 302-9528.

Hilts Family

The Hilts family’s house in North Port was completely flooded during the storm, and the family had no choice but to climb into the attic to escape the rising water. Bekah Hilts is our 2s and 3s Nursery Co-op facilitator on Tuesdays. The Hilts family is going to need to start over completely since everything has been ruined from the flood and is now covered in sewage. They are in need of gift card donations so they will be able to purchase household items when they need them. In the next week or so, Bekah will need help going through their possessions to see if anything is salvageable (pots and pans or dishes and such). If anyone is available to help, please contact Allison Flagg at 941-320-9528.

  • Consider purchasing something from the family’s Amazon Wish List
  • Visa cards or gift cards to Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or Lowes would be appreciated. Restaurant gift cards are fine too, but they are currently receiving meals from their church. Any purchased gift cards can be dropped off at Allison Flagg’s house (822 Gantt Ave. Sarasota 34232) or brought to Co-op on a Tuesday or Thursday starting October 18th and given to any Board member. They also have Venmo and Zelle for direct donations.
  • Venmo – @josh-hilts
  • Zelle – Josh Hilts 941-786-8180

Herzog Family

The Herzog family has lost their entire home in the storm. Please consider contributing to and sharing the Go Fund Me set up by a close friend to help the Herzogs in their long journey to rebuild their life. Click the link to read more about the Herzog family’s story.

Awaken Church

The Zdrojowy family are the pastors at Awaken Church in North Port. The church sustained a great deal of damage, and there is much work to be done. If you would like to get involved, please contact Jacqueline (JZ) at (443) 605-9613.

Pregnancy Solutions

Jacqueline Zdrojowy is also the Executive Director of Pregnancy Solutions in Venice. They need help in a variety of ways for the center itself and to help the families they serve. To find out how you can plug in, call Pregnancy Solutions at (941) 408-7100.

Manual Labor Needed

If you are able to fill one of these needs, please contact Madeline Bryant at (941) 302-0607. Tell her the family’s name and how you can help. She will put you in touch with the family in need.

ConnorNorth PortHuge pine tree that needs to be removed. (Needs a lift to remove it)
DornemanSarasotaNeeds help posting trees on property (needs posts as well) in an effort to save fallen trees.
DurfeeSarasotaPAID JOB OPPORTUNITY! They have a lot of handyman work that needs to be done, but their handyman can’t get to them. They would like to hire a skilled handyman who can do the work.
ForsterMyakka CityWeekend help with trees.
GordonNorth PortElectricians who can help with power poles that have been knocked down. If the poles are down, people can’t get electricity even if the power company turns it back on.
HallNorth PortHelp with yard clean-up.
SwaugerBradentonHelp with yard clean-up. They have wheelbarrows but need rakes.
TuliNorth Porteed help with some heavy lifting at their renta property in North Port. Should only take a couple hours, but need a few strong men.

If you are able to loan any of the equipment below, please contact Madeline Bryant at (941) 320-0607. She will arrange pick-up or drop-off locations with you.

ConnorNorth PortNeeds a lift to remove huge pine tree.
ConnorNorth PortNeeds a refrigerator.
DigiovanniSarasotaNeeds 3 – 4 RVs that he can park on his property to temporarily house FEMA and FPL workers who are currently living out of their vehicles.
SwaugerBradentonNeeds Rakes for yard clean-up.

Donations can be brought to Allison Flagg’s home (822 Gantt Ave. Sarasota 34232). There is a large tote outside the garage where you can place donated items. If you need to make other arrangements for your donation, especially if it is cash, please contact Allison Flagg at (941) 302-9528. 

  • Tarps (lots of them!)
  • Fuel 
  • Ice
  • Baby Wipes
  • Diapers sizes NB and 1
  • Formula (any kind)
  • Infant Tylenol
  • Infant Motrin
  • Adult socks
  • GIFT CARDS of ALL kinds!
Help Available

If you would like to find out how you can utilize any of the offerings below, please contact Madeline Bryant at (941) 302-0607.

BarkenquastNorth PortHelp with tree removal. Jonathan Barkenquast is an excavator.
ForristallBradentonGenerator available to loan.
StormLakewood RanchWorks at Costco and may be able to gather supplies beyond the limits imposed on customers.
TrezzaParrishKristin Trezza’s mom has a house in Clearwater she may be able to share with a trusted LAF family.
HokeSarasotaHas a small freezer from a neighbor to donate to someone in need.
HokeSarasotaHas two rooms to offer to two adults and two children, if needed.

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