Creation Adventures Museum and Fossil Dig Field Trip


This field trip is for ages 6 and up ONLY! Your child MUST be able to sit and listen during the classroom fossil workshop. This is also a full-day event so please plan accordingly. Please read details below in product description before ordering your tickets. Please note, you must bring a $2 cash donation (per car) on the day of the event for parking.

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Date: Thursday, 4/14/22

Time: 9:45 am — 4:30 pm

Location: Creation Adventure Museum, 1220 W Imogene St, Arcadia, FL 34266

Cost: $21 per person, PLUS, you must bring a $2 cash donation (per car) on the day of the event for parking

This will be a two-part day!

First, we will have an interactive, hands-on lesson with fossils, then we can enjoy a picnic lunch together (pack your own lunch.

Next, we will do some actual digging for fossils in the Peace River!

From the website: This popular workshop offers many first-hand looks at fossils collected from Peace River and other Florida locations.  It starts with displays of (1) “Missionary Mammoths” (fossil elephant bones we helped to excavate from Peace River near the Museum!) and (2) fossils from five continents that illustrate God’s design. We will experience an interactive emphasis on the many, many types of animals included among Florida’s fabulous fossils: mammoth and mastodons (parts of bones, tusks, teeth), other giants (ground sloth, armadillo, “megalodon” sharks), exotic animals (camel, tapir, capybara, sturgeon, walrus), familiar animals (horse, deer, turtle, alligator, sea cow, puffer fish, sting ray) and many more!

Please wear your green LAF shirts to make it easier for us to keep track of our group (and so we can get a great photo of our outing!). There will be a detailed list of guidelines and expectations sent out to all participants (closed-toe shoes, clothes that can get wet, bug spray/sunscreen, etc.). There is also a very small possibility that we will be asked to wear a mask while inside the classroom portion of the event, as there is one immune-compromised teacher who prefers masks. We may or may not have this particular teacher, so we won’t know until we get there.


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